September 30, 2019 Victory Church

Thank You

Dear Victory Church family,

   The Lord sent us a wonderful revival, didn't He? My soul was revived and I think just

about everyone was blessed and encouraged like I was. I am just sending you a note

to say how thankful I am for each of you. Every family and every soul at Victory are very

special to my heart and I pray for you daily. I am hoping that the Lord will keep our hearts

in tune with Him and in this revival spirit. Our Church is all about loving God and loving

people. Love goes farther than any enemy can harm.

   I wanted to say thank you for our unnamed supporter who is paying for the new 

church sign. Many of us had been praying for that for a good while and it looks like

our precious Lord once again has answered our prayers. To whoever did this, I totally

respect you for not wanting your name disclosed so that all praise and honor goes to

Christ, but please know that our Church family are so very thankful for your donation

and help for Victory Church. Church we should praise God daily for all He's done.

    Again, thank you friends for the way you have been giving unto the Lord! I learned long ago

that you cannot out give God. No matter what little we can do, when we give He always 

blesses the giver over and over again. Thank you for worshipping the Lord through your

tithes and offerings. There has been a great increase in giving unto the Lord. I thank you

for your faithfulness. It does bless the Church but, God will bless you more than you

could ever imagine when we learn to give and expect nothing in return.